School taster sessions June/July 2018.

Sonny had his school taster sessions at the end of June/beginning of July and seemed to take to them like a champ 👍🏻. I got mum to come and watch Poppy for me so I could walk him down to his afternoon story time. I was a little apprehensive as he can be a ratbag going into nursery so I was a little worried that he was going to play me up but to my surprise he went in with the teacher no problem. Also to my surprise Miss Harris (Daisy’s year 1 teacher) is going to be his teacher! I’m happy enough with that as she was always a great teacher when Daisy had her.

Miss Harris has also been to our house to get to know us as a family a little better, I was a bit nervous about this and frantically went round cleaning the whole house!! As it goes she was really nice and we had a lovely chat, she just asked questions about Sonny and Mrs Pedge came with her and played with Sonny whilst we chatted. A few days later Sonny had his whole morning at school and again he went in like such a good boy. I am so proud of the way he is reacting to starting school and I hope this positive attitude will continue when he actually starts for real.

Oh and as a side note I decided it was time to take the nappies away from Sonny at night time and bar a couple of accidents he has been amazing! Maybe I under estimate him but he has been such a good boy, when he was wearing a nappy at night he would sometimes have done a poo in it by morning (this was a big part of why I didn’t want to get rid of the nappies!) but there hasn’t been anything like that at all.



This Saturday Poppy had her haircut, its only the second time she has had it cut and she loves it! She sits so calmly and even started to fall asleep at one point. I think she probably likes a mixture of both the attention and the fact that it tickles a little bit when someone plays with her hair. Just as well that she likes having her hair done as going by how wild her hair is at the moment she’s gonna need a lot of work to make it look presentable 😆

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Daisy, Sonny & Poppy in February 2017


Daisy is continuing to do really well at school and seems really happy she happily goes to school each day and so far has not missed a single day, which I am really proud of as she just gets on with everything.  She shows a good work ethos at school, the other day they had to take boxes in for their transport topic and she made a red London bus out of it, she would tell me each day how she was getting on with it and I was so proud when one day she said “I was painting my bus today mummy and it was taking a really long time and was hard but I really just wanted to get it done so I just kept going.”  I am so pleased to see that she had a bit of determination and drive in her as I think that is really important.

She is also becoming more confident and I see that when we go home from school and different people from her class will talk to her, at one point she would get embarrassed and not want to talk but now she is happy to even call out to them! That is one thing I am really pleased to see in her as I am not a very confident person and I would like her, Sonny and Poppy to grow up with a level of self-confidence.   

I am noticing what a loving little girl she is becoming she is always telling me how much she loves me, Sonny and Poppy and if they get upset about things she will get upset with them too.  I can identify with the way she is when I kiss her goodnight as she will hug me so tight and I say “I just love you so much mummy I never want you to go away” and I can remember feeling exactly the same way with my mum so I give her an extra special squeeze and tell her I love her too.


Well this month Sonny finally seems like he has settled a lot better at nursery and I can now actually say goodbye to him properly without him screaming as the lovely ladies try to distract him with something.  I know that when he is there he has a lovely day as he is always happy when I pick him up and enthuiastic to tell me about his day! It is also really lovely to see how proud he is to show me what he has been making that day whether its something he has painted or something they have cooked together, he brings all sort of things home with him.  He still can be somewhat clingy though and I think he would always prefer to be where ever I am (which I won’t deny is kind of lovely but can be a pain sometimes.)

I am also noticing how well his speech is coming along, he is saying proper sentences now even if they are things like “Poppy can go nursery today!’  After a little patch where he always seemed to be hurting Poppy in one way or another he is also a much kinder boy lately and will only really take things from Poppy if he thinks it’s something she shouldn’t have such as the TV remote.  Since he seems much more settled just lately I have introduced him to the potty and to my surprise he has actually been on it a few times!  He is not always keen to give it a go though but I am not gonna stress and rush him as I made that mistake with Daisy and potty training just took forever so my attitude towards it is just he will get it when he gets it.



Poppy has now sort of turned into the Sonny of a few months ago!! She keeps pulling poor Sonny’s hair and hitting him on the head, I know she doesn’t know just yet exactly what she is doing but I still have to tell her no as I really don’t want her thinking she can get away with it since she is the littlest.  Other than a few blips she is really starting to play with her big brother and sister now and they love playing with her it is lovely to see them all together when they play nicely.  A couple of weeks ago I had them all painting together and although Poppy still just wants to eat the paint the times when she did actually put the paintbrush on the page was nice as she does try to join in with them.

I have just recently changed Poppy’s nap times so instead of sleeping in the mornings from say 11am-1pm she now goes 1pm-3pm and so far so good, I think it works good all round as after lunch is when Sonny has his chill out time so he can relax playing with his cars whilst Poppy sleeps and I also have half a chance of doing a bit of work whilst everything is calm.  Also we seem to have gone through a natural progression of dropping the bottle at night, we just went without it a couple of times and Poppy didn’t seem to mind so eventually I just dropped it altogether, however she still has and still wants her bottle first thing in the morning so that one can stay a bit longer.  



Treasuring each moment with my kids.



Just lately I feel as though I am becoming aware that my kids are growing up! It may sound strange since they are still only little at 5, 2 and 1 but I think that it is kind of sinking in that I won’t be having anymore 😟! It’s not even that I really want anymore as I really don’t do pregnancy very well, 9 months of nausea and sickness 3 times over has kind of scarred me for life! It’s just the realisation of not having anymore babies that make me want to appreciate every little thing they are doing now before it all passes and they are teenagers!!!

I would possibly say that when Daisy was born I didn’t appreciate her baby stage as I was always wanting her to do the next thing and then when Sonny was born I didn’t get much of a chance to fully appreciate his baby stage as by the time he was 7 months I was pregnant again and feeling sick and tired the whole time.  With Poppy everything feels totally different as I kind of know that each stage she passes will be my last time in that stage so I want to hold onto it for as long as possible and I also look at Daisy and think WOW how did 5 years go so quick!!

I suppose the good in all this is that I really want to treasure every moment even the normal every day things like the mad hour before bed when everyone seems to go wild, or getting ready for school in the morning as we dance to Disney songs ☺️. I never want to forget these days and I want to be able to look back through these blog posts as well as my YouTube videos and Instagram pictures and smile knowing that I captured it all or at least as much as I could.

Emma ☺️